Expense reports are quite complex behind the scenes for organizations operating in multiple countries. There are currencies, languages, and local tax jurisdictions to consider. Our goal is to make global expense management easy and intuitive for employees so that they can reclaim their time and concentrate on their business goals.


Business travelers demand a solution that works where they are, when they need it, and Chrome River delivers it on their smartphone, their tablet, or their laptop – all with the same user experience. Buttons tap and slide with a fingertip touch, receipts are recorded with the camera, VAT is calculated and reclaimed, currencies converted in a snap.


Accounts payable and travel managers want to make every penny, pound and yuan count. They want their expense management software to help them with per diem rates and enforce configurable business rules with compliance warnings and reminders in every language.


And CFOs want an expense solution that is built to last:

  • one that’s agnostic to integrations with all their financial systems, travel management companies, online booking tools and corporate card programs
  • one that understands privacy and security regulations around the globe and can shift with legislation changes


But let’s face it – customer service and customer success are the true differentiators when it comes to global expense management. Learn more about how to find the right fit for your global organization.

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Emburse Chrome River provides expense and invoice automation solutions that let business flow for more than 1,000 organizations worldwide. The company’s easy-to-use, enterprise-scale solutions enable future-readiness for its customers. As a result of this focus on innovation, Chrome River is rated as a Leader in expense management by analyst firm IDC. Chrome River’s commitment to delivering a superior customer journey by creating long-term value for its customers, makes it a preferred choice of CFOs, CIOs, AP teams, travel managers and business travelers. Details on Chrome River’s customers can be found on the company’s web site.

More than 2.5 million users around the world trust Chrome River. To learn more, contact Chrome River at +1 888-781-0088, or visit chromeriver.com and its social pages on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.